Cocoa Development Introduction


From my blog:

Over the past few months, quite a few people have started to show interest in learning Cocoa development. Most of these people are not traditional Mac developers, but the success of the iPhone has captured their imagination. "Oh it'd be cool if I could write something that could do ... and I could always have with me".

Well, good news for those that want to get started: I'll be giving a 4-part introduction to Cocoa development in november and december, in cooperation with Zeus


The goal of these sessions is not to give a complete Cocoa course, but rather to get you started, because the only way to really learn something is by actually doing it. So come and have a listen, try things out at home and bring your questions to the next session!


2009/11/05: Objective-C, Memory Management and Foundation
2009/11/19: AppKit and Interface Builder
2009/12/03: Custom Views, Bindings & Key-Value Coding
2009/12/10: iPhone development